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Apply 5S Techniques

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Apply 5S Techniques


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Course Description

How do you enhance the safety, productivity, and culture in your workplace? How does cleaning, organizing, and decluttering contribute to achieving goals? This course exposes you to 5S techniques, a visual system for preventing waste and defects as well as promoting self-discipline and productivity.

Acquire the knowledge and skills to perform SEIRI (sort), SEITON (streamline), SEISO (sanitize), SEIKETSU (standardise), and SHITSUKE (sustain).


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to clear unnecessary items from work area by performing SEIRI.
  • Learn to organise work area in an orderly manner by performing SEITON.
  • Learn to clean work area by performing SEISO.
  • Learn to maintain work area cleanliness by performing SEIKETSU.
  • Learn to maintain self-discipline in the work area by performing SHITSUKE.

Course Fee

Singaporean/Permanent Residence (Including GST) Full course fee (Before GST)
21-39 years old > 40 years old
$70.20 $44.20 $278.20

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