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Tips for Boosting Morale and Retaining Top Talent

Happy Employee
Happy Employee
Happy Employee

Meet Lina.

She is a Human Resource manager in a multi-national corporation

Lina has been observing the workplace for some time. Several things concern her. The atmosphere seems gloomy and uninspiring. Staff are moving about in a sluggish manner and looking disinterested in their work. It was evident that the company's morale had hit worck bottom and Lina feels she must do something as the retention of valuable employees was at stake..

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Struggle #1:

Lack of


Happy Employee

The first struggle is LACK OF RECOGNITION. The employees felt that their hard work and contributions are not recognized or valued by their superiors.

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Struggle #2:

Limited Growth

The employee's feedback that their growth opportunities are limited. Some of them had been in their current role for more than three years and had not been given the chance to take on new challenges or resposibilities.

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Struggle #3:



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The communication channels were not clear, open, and transparent. The employees had a tendency of executing their tasks not to standards and it led to misunderstandings and lack of direction.

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Lina needs to win the hearts of the employees so as they would feel motivated again to succeed in the company.

Happy Employee
Happy Employee

Can you relate to Lina's struggles?

It is completely normal to struggle. It comes with many challenges and responsibilities such as managing a team, dealing with conflicts and encouraging career growth.

We, at SSA Academy, have the perfect solution for individuals who share the same problem as Lina.


of employees say that they don't feel appreciated at work.

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Typically, a supervisor should possess these

Here are some key skills that can help you boost employee morale:

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Clear, open, and transparent communication is essential in boosting employee morale. Managers should be able to communicate effectively with their employees, providing feedback, direction, and support in a way that is easy to understand and act on.

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Effective leaders can inspire, motivate, and empower their employees. Good leaders are passionate, strategic, collaborative, and able to create a positive work environment that foster growth, innovation, and teamwork.

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Problem Solving

Being able to indentify and solve problems is crucial in boosting employee morale. Managers should be able to address isues, overcome obstacles, and create solutions that help employees feel valued, engaged, and motivated.

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In today's fast-paced and ever-changing workplace, adaptability is crucial skill. Managers should be able to adapt to new technologies, trends, and challenges, and help their employee do the same.

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While Lina can learn these skills through self-help books or
YouTube videos, classroom training offers serveral advantanges:

While Lina can learn these skills through self-help books or YouTube videos, classroom training offers serveral advantages:



Classroom training provides an interactive learning experience where you can engage with professional trainers - while learning from their wealth of experience and the experience of other participants. This allows for feedback, group discussions, and role-playing exercises that can enhance your learning experience.



In a classroom training setting, trainers can provide personalised feedback to help you identify areas of stregth and weakness. This feedback can help you tailor your learning to your specific needs and goals.



Classroom training provides an opportunity to network with other participants who are also interested in developing their soft skills more effectively than simply reading about them in a book.



Classroom training provides an opportunity to network with other participants who are also interested in developing their soft skills. This can help you build relationships and gain new perspectives on different challenges.



Classroom training provides a structured learning environment that can help you stay on track and focused on your goals. Self-help books may lack structure and can be overwhelming, making it difficult to know where to start and how to progress.

If you are like Lina, and would like to BOOST your team's morale, here are some courses offered by SSA Academy which would be best suited for you:

Enhancing EQ to be Better Leaders

14 hours - from $171*

    Chapter 1: Knowing Leads to Well-being

  • a) EQ: Old concept, new approaches
  • b) Best practices in work-life balance in Singapore
  • c) Stress issues in post-COVID-19 work environment
  • Chapter 2: Enhancing Your Personal Brand

  • a) Personal brand: purpose and relevance
  • b) Relationship of personal brand and your role in the organization
  • c) It’s okay to admit you need help
  • d) Emerging trends on self-management
  • Chapter 3: Believe in Better

  • a) Who says stress is bad?
  • b) New techniques in stress management
  • c) Dealing with stress triggers at the workplace

Promoting an Inclusive Work Culture

14 hours - from $144.40*

This course is about enabling you to show sensitivty towards differences in values, beliefs and behaviors acoss diverse groups through positive actions and behaviors. They include communicating with empathy irrespective of the channel, responding instead of reacting to triggers, and making concerted efforts to appreciate commonalities and differences via inclusive activities.

What you will learn:

  • Overcoming barriers to diversity and inclusion at the workplace
  • Cultural intelligence: what, why and how
  • Sharing with team the organisation’s best practices of promoting diversity in the workplace
  • How to facilitate healthy and respectful conversations?
  • How to perform self-monitoring to manage unconscious bias for improvement

Contributing to a Harmonious Work Culture

14 hours - from $102.60*

This course is about enabling you to use best-practises when working in a diverse team and/or diverse environment while ensuring that the team goals are met.

What you will learn:

  • Observation and value judgements
  • Using the Johari window
  • Diversity Dimensions: importance and application
  • Managing our unconscious bias
  • Communicating in a diverse workplace environment

Finding your Calm and Focus

14 hours - from $102.60*

This course is about enabling you to make adjustments to current work activities arising from internal changes such as to support the organisation’s transfomation plan. You will also learn to be resilient in facing external changes like and uncertain economic outlook.

What you will learn:

  • 5 areas of self-awarness
  • Actions based on changes in the environment
  • 3 problem solving techniques to manage stressor
  • Brainstorming to spark ideas in adapting to changes in the workplace
  • How to measure impact of self-care techniques

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Here’s what our client has to say about the courses!

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The workshop was very enganing and interactive. The trainer is very knowledgeable and went beyond to teach us about managing guests at all the restaurant as well.
Excellent work!

Mr. M. Saiful, Assistan Manager - Operations Excellence, Commonwealth Concepts (parent company for Pastamani, Swissbake, and more)

What’s more, tap on government subsidies of up to


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course fees

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Happy Employee

Get training support in the form of Absentee payroll to defray manpower cost of up to


per hour

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