Implement Business Process Re-Engineering

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Implement Business Process Re-Engineering

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Implement Business Process Re-Engineering


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Course Description

Is your market share decreasing? Do you feel like your business is losing its competitive edge? Is your business performing poorly financially? If yes, then maybe it’s time you find a way to view your business processes from a fresh perspective; look for flaws and missing parts in the system affecting efficiency, productivity, and quality of products and services.

Business process re-engineering will allow you to do this. It will help you identify sub-par workflows in your business and figure out ways to get rid of or improve them. This course will explain the process steps and provide templates that will help you kickstart your way to transforming your business to greatness–but, if not that, then to something better and new.

Learning Outcomes

  • Initiate process improvements initiatives in the organisation.
  • Identify and select processes for reengineering.
  • Draw a Process Chart using the mapping tool/software.
  • Identify value-added and non-values added activities within a process using the reengineering technique.
  • Evaluate the process outcomes in term of cost, duration and service quality using the reengineering technique.
  • Reengineer the processes to meet business objectives.
  • Develop a reengineering project plan endorsed by stakeholders.
  • Simulate the new processes for optimum results according to project plan.
  • Structure the organisation and jobs to support the new process using the reengineering technique.
  • Introduce change management to support the new process.
  • Conduct post reengineering review according to organisational procedures.
  • Drive continuous improvement programs according to organisational procedures.

Course Fee

Singaporean/Permanent Residence (Including GST) Full course fee (Before GST)
21-39 years old > 40 years old
$521.60 $149.60 $941.60

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