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  • Operational Staff

    Work In Team

    Learn how to work in a team effectively through communication techniques and shared goals.

  • Operational Staff

    Solve Problems And Make Decisions

    Acquire problem-solving and decision-making techniques, including proactively identifying a problem’s root causes, generating and evaluating alternative solutions, making appropriate decisions, and taking responsibility for the decisions within your own circle of influence.

  • Operational Staff

    Communicate And Relate Effectively At The Workplace

    Use effective communication techniques to interpret, clarify, analyse, and respond to information received. Use effective negotiation skills to resolve conflicts for win-win outcomes, taking into consideration social and cultural differences.

  • Operational Staff

    Apply Emotional Competence To Manage Oneself At The Workplace

    Learn emotional competence and self-awareness techniques to manage yourself and your team. This course will expose you to emotional intelligence principles that will cultivate a positive emotional climate at the workplace.

  • Operational Staff

    Comply With Workplace Safety And Health Policies And Procedures

    Learn and comply with workplace safety and health policies and procedures that are applicable to employees at the operations level.

  • Operational Staff

    Adapt to Change

    Create a work ethic that will enhance your productivity and effectiveness in a diverse workplace. Stay employable and competitive by learning to identify global trends and be more adaptable to changes.

  • Operational Staff

    Maintain Personal Presentation And Employability

    Learn the steps on maintaining your personal presentation and employability. Identify personal career goals after determining individual competencies. Take steps to realise career goals by sourcing for job opportunities, preparing for interviews, and internalising basic social etiquette that will boost employability.

  • Operational Staff

    Develop Personal Effectiveness

    Develop your personal effectiveness at work. This course aims to help you become a more effective team leader in the workplace. Learn to manage your time and finances as well as maintain a work-life balance. Achieve departmental goals by aligning your personal goals with them.

  • Operational Staff

    Demonstrate Initiative And Enterprising Behaviour

    Demonstrate innovation and initiative to drive and sustain continuous improvement at the workplace while identifying, evaluating, and managing risks associated with innovating and taking initiative at an individual level.

  • Managerial Staff

    Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health (EHS) Inspection Training

    Perfect your compliance to health and safety standards with the EHS Inspection training.

Featured Courses

  • How to handle online challenging service situations
    Operational Staff

    How to handle online challenging service situations

    How will you handle challenging customer service situations in the ‘new normal?’ Learn appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques to respond to challenging online service situations.

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  • Innovative ways to wow your customers
    Operational Staff

    Innovative ways to wow your customers

    How do you develop an edge to make your service stand out from the crowd? Apply design thinking to create innovative ways to wow your customers!

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  • Service Excellence 4.0
    Operational Staff

    Service Excellence 4.0

    Achieve service excellence in the context of the ‘new normal,’ in both online and offline situations.

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