Facilitate Effective Work Teams – Level 3 (Supervisory)
Workplace Skills (WPS)

About Course

Acquire skills and knowledge in facilitating work team activities; learn to improve team performance by promoting ownership and commitment among team members to reach goals and targets set; maintain positive relationships among team members with diverse backgrounds, and provide support and opportunities for individual and team contributions.


Course Outline

  • Provide and clarify with team members on work-related information using appropriate communication techniques.
  • Involve team members in the planning of work activities to promote ownership and commitment to work plan.
  • Delegate duties and responsibilities taking into consideration the competencies of individual team members.
  • Communicate thoughts and feelings to justify a position and responsibilities assigned to team members, and persuade and influence them.
  • Communicate to team members the importance and interdependence of each team member’s role, and promote the benefits of diversity within the team.
  • Communicate and agree on individual and team goals, as well as targets to be achieved.
  • Provide opportunities for team members to contribute ideas and skills, as well as maintain positive relationships among them.
  • Provide resources, assistance and support needed by team members to complete projects or work activities.
  • Analyse project control reports and performance assessment results to ascertain team performance, and provide feedback and criticism to team members using appropriate communication techniques.
  • Communicate team performance and related issues of concern to management, as well as provide recommendations to address them.
WTS* NON-SME SME > 21 years old Foreigner
21-39 years old ≥ 40 years old

Terms and Conditions

*Applicable to Workfare Training Support (WTS) participants with valid supporting documents. Participants must be Singaporeans, 35 years and above with income of not more than $2,000 per month, or 13 years and above for participants with disabilities (PWDs).

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