Mentoring for Success

1 Day Target Audience

HR Professionals as Programme Manager, Senior Management & Directors expected to perform the Mentor roles

Programme Objectives

  • Introducing the Mentoring Programme to the Participants
  • Assist Mentors and Mentees to get to know each others’ roles and responsibilities
  • Highlight the importance and effectiveness of a mentorship programme
  • Introduce tools, guidelines and frameworks developed to facilitate the mentorship process

Morning Session

Introducing of Mentors and Mentees – Introduce formally mentors and mentees to each other, describing what their roles and responsibilities include, as leaders or potential leaders

Objectives of Mentorship Programme – Elucidate purpose, benefits, key concepts and milestones of the Mentoring Programme. Set expectations of mentors and mentees about the programme

Structure & Framework – Explore how to set learning goals and priorities, and identify recommended milestones of the programme. Craft a development plan on what the mentors and mentees aim to achieve during the programme

Mentoring Toolkit Guide – Develop resources to facilitate mentoring conversations and documents to help mentors/mentees recognise and overcome stumbling blocks/challenges in the process and relationship

Afternoon Session

Programme Reflections – Review objectives of the mentorship programme and individual goals

Experience Discussion – Share experiences with the group. Identify challenges faced during the mentoring journey and how mentors and mentees overcame them.

Managing Challenges – Address challenges identified and try to arrive at the root cause of the stumbling blocks. Arrive at a solution that the workshop facilitator may recommend to meet the objectives of the mentoring journey

The Way Forward – Sharing reflections of experience. Resetting SMART goals


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