Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health (EHS) Inspection Training 

3 Days

Target Audience

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Inspectors or those job roles that covers a wide range of environment, health and safety management issues

Programme Objectives

  • Plan and conduct of EHS inspection to determine conformity with acceptable EHS conditions and behaviours in accordance with organisational procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Report findings on non-conformity EHS conditions and behaviours to relevant stakeholders in accordance with organisational procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Recommend corrective and preventive actions to address the findings in accordance with organisational procedures and regulatory requirements.
  • Monitor closure of the corrective and preventive actions with reference to identified ESH performance indicators
  • Compile a report on company’s ESH performance in accordance with organisational procedures and regulatory requirements.

Module 1 – EHS Inspection Basics

  • Different between EHS Audit and EHS Inspection
  • What is EHS inspection?
  • Types of EHS Inspections
  • Why EHS Inspection?
  • Who perform EHS Inspection?
  • How frequent EHS inspections should be done?
  • What is the activity of an EHS Inspection?
  • What is the outcome of EHS Inspection?

Module 2 – EHS Inspection preparation

  • EHS Inspection Process
  • Establishing the scope, criteria and objective for EHS Inspection.
  • Understanding the EHS Management System standard requirements
  • Developing an effective EHS Inspection programme/Plan
  • Selection, training and delegate team members
  • Developing EHS Inspection checklist
  • Familiarize yourself with the inspection checklist
  • Diagram or floor plan
  • Review information from previous inspection reports
  • Meet with supervisors prior to inspection
  • Gather information from management
  • Allow ample time for the inspection

Module 3 – Conducting EHS Inspection

  • The conduct of EHS Inspection.
  • Use the EHS Inspection guides prepared.
  • Important of previous EHS Inspection reports.
  • Site Inspection Technique (General area, process and equipment)
  • Interview Technique (structured and unstructured)
  • Inspection Trail.
  • Recording Technique.
  • Sample collection procedure

Module 4 – Reporting EHS Inspection

  • Definition of non-conformity
  • Stakeholders relevant to EHS Inspection
  • Parties to whom inspection findings should be communicated
  • How to record EHS inspection findings
  • Monitor closure of corrective and preventive actions


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