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Here today, gone tomorrow? One thing we can be sure of is that there will always be change, inside and outside your organisations, greatly affecting job roles. Digitisation and automation have already transformed much of the workplace as job redesign strategies (when done right) shape job roles in the future of work.

Job redesign is a process of rearranging work processes, tasks, and responsibilities to better align job roles to a changing environment. It can expand and enrich an employee’s job, support business transformation, make jobs more productive and attractive for workers, and benefit enterprises by allowing them to hire and retain good workers to support the business.

Job redesign is, therefore, an important tool for creating a workforce to move your organisation forward.

In this one-day session, you will learn to appreciate productivity-improvement opportunities associated with the concepts of job redesign. It will give you the tools to understand how individual responsibilities impact the organisation’s performance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the concepts of job redesign.
  • Differentiate between value and non-value adding activities.
  • Understand how to do job redesign using the job redesign toolkit.
  • Understand about different government assistance schemes that can be leveraged to do job redesign in the organisation.

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