Implement Lean Six Sigma

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Implement Lean Six Sigma

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Implement Lean Six Sigma


Recommended for Managerial Staff

Eligible Grant

  • SSG Training Grant

Course Description

Is your business receiving customer complaints and experiencing product malfunctions? Are you having trouble managing repetitive projects? Consider applying the Lean Six Sigma process to your business. It’s a process improvement methodology meant to reduce waste and inefficiency in big projects. It is also designed to help you respond better to your customers’ needs. Across the globe, businesses using the Lean Six Sigma process have reported improved profitability, resulting in this methodology’s popularity.¬†

With this course, learn to approach, understand, and apply the lean transformation process systematically. Gain a broad knowledge and the tools to map your business transformation using Lean Six Sigma project plans.

Learning Outcomes

  • Map and evaluate business process using Value Stream Mapping tool.
  • Define and establish the value flow as pulled by the customer.
  • Identify and analyse non-value added steps or activities in a process using Value Stream Mapping tool.
  • Design and implement improvements to the business process.
  • Measure and evaluate the improvement measures implemented against determined specifications.
  • Implement a system of continuous-improvement¬†

Mode of Delivery

  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous and In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous e-Learning

Course Duration

28 hours

Course Fee

Singaporean (Including GST) Full course fee (Before GST)
Self-Sponsored 21-39 years old / Permanent Residence > 21 years old > 40 years old
$521.60 $149.60 $880

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