High Impact Leadership (HI-LEAD) Programme

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High Impact Leadership (HI-LEAD) Programme

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High Impact Leadership (HI-LEAD) Programme


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Course Description

Is it enough to be a good leader? Can you push for yourself to become a high-impact leader, creating a positive and lasting influence in the public sector? This course helps you with this and more. It’s an experiential 3-day course covering 21st-century and public sector leadership competencies. Learn all about strategic tools and processes as well as the policy-making process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a high level of self-awareness to optimise personal capability and positive influence as Public Sector Leaders.
  • Leverage a full data-set about leadership style to develop a compelling personal vision and action plan.
  • Manage own leadership brand – presenting with polish and poise
  • Develop teams that deliver business results.
  • Execute in a complex, global environment.
  • Manage cross-culturally and collaborate across the organisation.
  • Create a high-performance culture and drive “winning” behaviours.

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