Foster Team Adaptability

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Foster Team Adaptability

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Foster Team Adaptability


Recommended for Supervisory Staff

Eligible Grant

  • SSG Training Grant

Course Description

How is your team responding to changes in the workplace? Are your team members able to rise to the challenge? Many employees find it difficult to cope with changes at work and this affects their growth, employability, and interpersonal relationships in the workplace. As a team leader, your role includes fostering team adaptability. 

This course will help you learn to adopt a work ethic that will enhance your team’s productivity and effectiveness in a diverse and changing workplace. Stay employable and competitive by learning to identify global trends and be more adaptable to changes. Learn to promote your team members’ personal and professional growth. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse information gathered from the media to determine relevant trends and issues that would affect the team.
  • Analyse the implications of global competitiveness on one’s job and team.
  • Identify the competencies required in the current job for self and team.
  • Identify gaps in competencies, determine training and development needs, as well as select resources and suitable learning opportunities that match the learning styles of your team members.
  • Implement ways to provide a conducive work environment to facilitate the transfer of learning among team members and peers.
  • Promote opportunities for learning and coaching within a team.
  • Analyse the impact of diversity on a team, and facilitate team members to work within a diverse team.
  • Identify and implement strategies to motivate and assist team members to adapt to change in job requirements at the workplace.

Mode of Delivery

  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous and In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous e-Learning

Course Duration

16 hours

Course Fee

Singaporean (Including GST) Full course fee (Before GST)
Self-Sponsored 21-39 years old / Permanent Residence > 21 years old > 40 years old
$70.20 $44.20 $260

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