Emerging Leadership (E-LEAD) Programme

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Emerging Leadership (E-LEAD) Programme

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Emerging Leadership (E-LEAD) Programme


Recommended for Managerial Staff

Not eligible for Grant

Course Description

This experiential 5-day course will help develop you into a Global 21st-Century Leader. Through a variety of simulation exercises, you will get to apply the principles and strategies of leadership finesse and exemplary leadership. But to be able to lead others, you need to be able to understand yourself–this course will help you interpret your personalised DISC reports and understand the values and aspirations driving you in your personal and professional life.

Individual Executive Coaching is provided.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase self-awareness by understanding one’s leadership style and its impact on others. 
  • Develop personal mastery, balancing personal life and work (stress management and personal renewal).
  • Lead and inspire the team to a shared purpose, and a long-term vision of the public service.
  • Lead and manage change in a dynamic environment.
  • Build and lead effective teams for sustained high performance
  • Identify/attract talent, and coaching them to realise their potential.
  • Develop and sustain strong relationships (including cultural sensitivity), with a mindset towards building long-term partnerships.
  • Understand and leverage networks and organisational culture to influence, collaborate effectively, and deliver successful outcomes.

Mode of Delivery

  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous and In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous e-Learning

Course Duration

An experiential 5-day course + 2-day simulation + Individual Executive Coaching

Course Fee

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