Develop Personal Effectiveness

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Develop Personal Effectiveness

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Develop Personal Effectiveness


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Course Description

How can you become more effective at work? Are you working hard but you suspect that your output is not really helping the organisation meet its goals? Have you adapted your work to the organisation’s new direction and objectives? Are you overly stressed at work?

This course will help you step up and manage your stress better! Learn to align your personal goals to workplace goals and manage your time and finances better. Optimise your effectiveness at work by maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Learning Outcomes

  • Set personal goals and align them to team goals.
  • Identify one’s role and responsibilities, and their contribution towards the achievement of team goals.
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses, list the strategies to overcome weaknesses, and describe how personal strengths can contribute towards the achievement of team goals.
  • Plan and complete personal tasks to meet team goals.
  • Recognise symptoms of stress, and deal with them to maintain work effectiveness.
  • Identify work-life balance programs to maintain personal work-life balance.
  • Identify one’s existing financial position using appropriate tools and describe how to manage such a position.

Course Fee

Singaporean/Permanent Residence (Including GST) Full course fee (Before GST)
21-39 years old > 40 years old
$70.20 $44.20 $278.20

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