Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Team

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Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Team

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Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self and Team


Recommended for Supervisory Staff

Eligible Grant

  • SSG Training Grant

Course Description

Is your team grappling with emotional and interpersonal issues affecting performance? Is anyone in your team exhibiting attitude problems? Are you yourself experiencing difficulty in supervising your team members? Consider taking a step back to reflect on the root causes of these issues. 

Self-awareness techniques and emotional intelligence principles such as self-confidence, flexibility, conscientiousness, and optimism can help you manage yourself and your team better.  This course will help you learn these principles. The goal is to cultivate emotional competence and a positive emotional climate in your team.


Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise own emotional states, the causes of those emotional states, and their effects on own and team’s performance and interpersonal relationships at the workplace.
  • Conduct self-reflection and gather feedback from team members to identify personal strengths and weaknesses for the development of your own emotional intelligence.
  • Model behaviours that demonstrate the application of emotional intelligence.
  • Assess the emotional states of team members and respond appropriately to emotional cues, taking into consideration the different cultures and backgrounds of team members.
  • Provide opportunities for team members to express their thoughts and feelings, and assist them in understanding the effects of their behaviour and emotions on others at the workplace.
  • Demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in dealing with team members and making decisions, taking their emotions into account.
  • Encourage team members to develop their own Emotional Intelligence to build positive relationships among one another to achieve team goals.
  • Promote a positive emotional climate at the workplace.

Mode of Delivery

  • Synchronous e-Learning
  • In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous and In-person Classroom
  • Blended Synchronous e-Learning

Course Duration

16 hours

Course Fee

Singaporean (Including GST) Full course fee (Before GST)
Self-Sponsored 21-39 years old / Permanent Residence > 21 years old > 40 years old
$70.20 $44.20 $260

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