In an increasingly complex, fluid and constantly changing techno-economic global environment, we are undergoing a period of uncertainty that looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Leveraging the latest thinking and global best practice in the strategic management of complexity, ambiguity, uncertainty and unpredictability (“CAU2”), this programme provides an analytical and competency framework to manage this heightened level of uncertainty to ensure better organizational performance.

With managers facing multi-pronged challenges in the 21st century, this practical programme focuses on six critical characteristics that organizations must have if they are to survive and thrive in these turbulent periods:

Strategic anticipation

Adaptability, agility and nimbleness

Predictive analytics capability (big data context)

Strategic learning (including learning analytics)

Insight generation and adaptive futures thinking

Resilience and antifragility

Using practical examples and real life case studies in the technology and innovation sector, this programme applies the thought processes, insights and lessons from Sun Tze’s Art of War, international thought leader such as Nassim Nicholas Taleb, David Weinberger and Ziauddin Sardar, leading publisher The Economist. The program also highlights the learning from the Singapore Government’s Centre for Strategic Futures as well as Harvard Business Review publications on managing uncertainty.


Programme Approach and Methodology

Articulating a structured and proactive methodology, this programme adopts a problem-based approach and offers customized learning solutions with real world applications. The programme seeks to help organizations and companies develop a pattern of thought (including design thinking processes) and gain insights that would help in enhancing competitive advantage through building capabilities that foster adaptability and agility.


Key Take-Away

The key take-away of this programme is that for organizations and businesses that develop and nurture these six attributes and integrate them into their “whole of government” or “whole of business” strategic approach, the future will be much more manageable than those who do not take steps to manage the uncertainties they face.


Expected Outcomes

At the end of this programme, participants can expect to (1) be introduced to the latest thinking and global best practices on managing CAU (2) be equipped with the knowledge skills and toolkit to be able to apply the concepts and principles to suit their own organizations to improve organizational performance.


Practical Issues

At a practical level, the program will help answer the following questions:


Leadership & Decision-making

How do you make effective decision in a CAU2 environment?

How can you move your organization or business forward?

How do you exercise effective leadership in a CAU2 environment?

How do you identify the leadership and improvisation skills needed to set direction when there is no obvious path and when the road is shifting under your feet?

How do you create opportunities despite – or because – of CAU2 rather than being paralyzed by it?



What are the tools to think and act strategically in a CAU2 context?

How do you design, develop and manage effective value creation and risk management frameworks against the CAU2 context?

How to measure the CAU2 level facing your organization?

What is the method for understating the impact of the multitude of variables so that you can make an even more informed and confident decisions?



Isadhora Mohamed

Asst Vice President – Corporate Engagement


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Date: November 30, 2017

Fees (SGD): $470.50




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