Programme Objectives

An experiential 3-day course + 2-day simulation + Individual Executive Coaching

Target Audiences

Senior Public Sector Officials

Programme Objectives

  • Gain high level of self-awareness to optimise personal capability and positive influence as Public Sector Leaders
  • Leverage a full data-set about leadership style to develop a compelling personal vision and action plan
  • Manage their own leadership brand – presenting with polish and poise
  • Develop teams that deliver business results
  • Execute in a complex, global environment
  • Manage cross-culturally and collaborate across the organisation
  • Create a high-performance culture and drive “winning” behaviours

Course Outline

Day 1 – Leadership Finesse 

  • SSA’s Global 21st Century Leadership Competencies – Qualities linking a leader’s mind-set to organisational success. Identifying the leadership competencies you use most / least
  • Understanding DISC® Tools – Interpreting your personalised DISC reports and leading self. Aware of own Values styles, Vision and applying at the workplace
  • Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® – Applying the proven principles of Kouzes and Posner’s acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model and leadership behaviours and 360 feedback
  • Professional Value Proposition (PvP™) – Maximise personal mastery in managing work and package your own personal leadership brand in the organisation

Day 2 – Critical Public Sector Competencies 

  • Strategic Thinking & Execution – Diagnose organisation and implement effective strategic planning process. Apply various Strategic Tools and Techniques, Portfolio Matrices
  • Understanding the policy development process, principles of the Middle East model of governance and the role of human capital development for the Public Service
  • Global Mindset – Global and regional economic overview, megatrends and new drivers of economic and business growth; and understanding Middle East competitiveness
  • Strategic Thinking & Execution – Diagnose organisation and implement effective strategic planning process. Apply various Strategic Tools and Techniques, Portfolio Matrices

Day 3 – Manage Teams

  • Team Synergy- Applying the DiSC TEAMS in managing and developing your team. Identify the characteristics of an effective team and the roles played by team members
  • Mentorship for Impact
  • Explores the core skills and attitudes needed by senior leaders to mentor their staff grow and achieve their full potential. It explores the structures needed to build an effective mentoring relationship, as well as the issues that can arise during the process

Day 4-5 – Leadership Simulation 

It is a 2-day session that exposes participants to a variety of case studies that puts their leadership skills to the test

Leadership Simulation
Participants will be presented with case studies, activities and situations. Each group shall discuss the given simulation and prepare for a presentation. After ample time, each group is to present and engage the class in a discussion

Participants shall be assessed on their contribution, participation in the activities and leadership competencies using the SSA Leadership Success Index (LSI) tool.

Day 6-8 – Individual Executive Coaching 

Each participant shall undergo a one session of Executive Coaching of 90 minutes at the training workshop premises.

Executive Coaches:
There shall be two coaches deployed concurrently at the training workshop premises.

Daily Coaching Schedule:
With two coaches deployed concurrently, SSA is expected to cover eight participants per day. For 20 participants, the entire coaching sessions are expected to be completed in 3 days with the following proposed schedule:

Session 1 : 9.00 am – 10.30 am
Session 2 : 10.45 am – 12.15 pm
Session 3 : 1.45 pm – 3.15 pm
Session 4 : 3.30 pm – 5.00 pm

Coaching Toolkits: 
The coaches will refer to the DISC & LPI 360 tools as baseline reference. In addition, participants will be using SSA’s Executive Coaching Toolkit during the sessions and possible subsequent sessions and development discussions.


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