4 Game-Changing Mindset Shifts To Help You Start Thriving During WFH

Maybe it’s the constant buzz of anxiety at the back of your mind brought about by so much uncertainty. Or maybe it’s the sense of ennui that’s slowly crept in over the past few months of WFH. It may even be the opposite; an insidious onset of WFH burnout, or a pandemic-induced meltdown that’s been building up for the past few months.


All things considered, it’s not abnormal to feel as though you’ve somehow slipped into “just scraping by” mode upon the onset of the pandemic. Indeed, the mental, emotional, and financial havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked upon most of our lives is undeniable.

Staying in this survival mindset for too long, though, may potentially leave you stranded in the no-man’s-land of professional stagnation–and eventual redundancy. There is, after all, a time for everything; a time for grief & mourning, and a time to rise to the occasion.


Here are 6 game-changing mindset shifts to help you move past surviving and start thriving during WFH.

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1. Reconnect with your “why”

Human beings are psychologically wired to seek meaning and purpose in their lives. As Viktor Frankl, bestselling author, Holocaust survivor, and accomplished psychotherapist wrote, “He who knows the “why” for his existence will be able to bear almost any “how.””

In the aftermath of the pandemic, however, many of us may have been derailed from that purpose. The pure volatility of the current situation may have obscured you from connecting with your own personal source of meaning in the work you do.


If that’s true, then it’s high time to reconnect yourself with your “why”:

  • What is it that makes you get out of bed in the morning, beyond the need to pay your bills and stay afloat?
  • What are your core values and personal principles, and how can you be true to them through the work that you do, even as you continuously adapt to the new normal?


2. Embrace change whole-heartedly

Instead of waiting for things to get back to the pre-pandemic normal, stop expending energy on resisting the new normal; embrace it whole-heartedly.


Take some time for self-reflection and break down the different reasons why you’re finding it difficult to embrace change:

  • What exactly is keeping you stuck in a past (in this case, an old normal) that no longer exists?
  • What personal fears are at the root of your resistance to embracing the new normal?
  • What are your greatest personal barriers to adaptability in a time of ultra-volatility like this?


3. Reframe your attitude towards WFH with cognitive job crafting

You don’t necessarily need a sea change–like a mid-career shift, or a new job–to help reinvigorate your self-motivation or satisfaction at work. What you do need, however, is to start “job crafting”, essentially remaking and reimagining the work you do so that you derive a deep sense of meaning from it.


Cognitive job crafting, for instance, is particularly helpful in pandemic times; it involves changing your attitudes and perceptions towards the work you do.

For example, you might be a frontline worker saving lives or protecting public health directly, but think about how your work might positively impact the community around you during this tough time.


4. Focus on the things that are within your control

COVID-19 may have caused many of us to understandably feel helpless and entirely at the mercy of the whims of fate. Regaining that sense of control at work, though, is critical to start thriving. After all, psychological ownership and personal autonomy are both huge sources of intrinsic motivation at work.


Regardless of how much things have changed during the pandemic, ground yourself by focusing on the things that are within your control. Identify the little and big changes you can make at work that will make a huge difference to your personal satisfaction and performance at what you do.

These don’t have to be huge changes; small and simple changes can go a long way in restoring your autonomy and ownership at work:

  • Find what works best for you in terms of drawing clear work-life boundaries during WFH
  • Personalise your WFH workspace as much as you can
  • Experiment with different productivity techniques to re-optimise your WFH productivity
  • Recommit yourself to self-directed learning and self-improvement; keep looking at how you can treat your work as a personal craft that you can continuously hone and sharpen every day from home


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