English Writing – Beginners
Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN)

About Course

This module is developed to enhance the speaking and listening proficiency of learners to meet the workplace needs.


Course Outline

  • Pronology / Pronunciation: Demonstrate accurate pronunciation of the various sounds of English (e.g vowels, consonants, minimal pairs, rhymes).
  • Vocabulary: Recite letters of the alphabet, letters in words and numbers when reading aloud from a text or sign.
  • Grammar: Use basic grammar and structures with present tense verbs and modals of high-frequency usage (e.g., to be, to do, to need, to have, can).
  • Informational Discourse: Use simple words in the context of common, everyday situations, use simple words and phrases drawn from learned  topics, engage in simple learned social exchanges (e.g. Hi, how are you? Have a good weekend.) And use simple request.
  • Social Discourse: Use short emergency warnings and commands (e.g., Stop! Wait!).


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