Conversational English – Advanced
Workplace Literacy & Numeracy (WPLN)

About Course

This module is designed for those who wants to be able to speak in good English, function independently in surviving any social and familiar work situations as well as able to clarifying general meaning and communicate on familiar / unfamiliar topics.


Course Outline

  • Stress the accurate syllable in a poly-syllabic word. Use pronunciation and stress patterns to convey moods, emotions and attitudes.
  • Use homonyms in context. Use words changed by prefixes, suffixes, etc.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use standard and non-standard forms appropriately.
  • Use a wide range of vocabulary such as synonyms, antonyms, precise terminology, phrasal verbs, and idioms on a variety of topics. Use specialised vocabulary.
  • Use signal words and cohesive devices that give clues to organisation and content message.
  • Use advanced grammar and structures (e.g., complex tenses, all conditionals (real and unreal), passive voice, reported speech, compound/complex sentences). Use a range of question types.
  • Identify the context; audience and purpose of speaking (consider listener’s perspective, cultural influences, social norms etc.) Take into account purpose, perspective and cultural influence of the listener while speaking.
  • Present information /ideas concisely, logically and persuasively. Use fillers and place holders speech where necessary. Engage in extended conversations.
  • Use communicative function of speech. Participate in extended or detailed non-face-to-face communication.
  • Convey multi-step instructions, explanations and directions. Convey detailed instructions, explanations and directions in a range of contexts.
  • Use strategies to give suggestions or requests tentatively or indirectly.
  • Give an extended discourse on a topic of special interest. Convey details of descriptive and factual material in narrative form.
  • Create a detailed non-face-to-face communications in a wide range of contexts. Paraphrase information for clarification. Use voice qualities to emphasize and clarify speech. Re-state main points.
  • Switch between standard and non standard dialects as the situations warrants (use colloquial language when appropriate).


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